Your Money Has Power

People living in the United States have the collective power to catapult 884 million people out of extreme poverty over just one Black Friday weekend. How? By meeting one fundamental need–access to clean drinking water.  While solving the world’s contaminated drinking water crisis will cost an estimated $20billion, consider that Americans typically spend more than $70Billion on Black Friday and another $450Billion+ for Christmas. This season, rather than spending money on “stuff” that will soon be used up, broken, or forgotten, how about joining us in making a world of difference?

Thanks to our corporate sponsors Peter Beaton, Inc ( and 21 Quidnet Rd LLC (, whether you purchase a wristband for $20, a Hydrex watch for $500, or make a tax-deductible donation, 100% of your contributions goes to Compassion International. May God bless you for your consideration and generosity. With thanks from the bottom of our hearts, Peter Beaton Creech, Cole Raymond Millington, & Darcy Creech Marelli.