Compassion International Child Development Center: TG621 Tonoukouti, Togo (Africa)

$24,812: Funded December 24, 2015. Completed Fall 2016.
togoCommunity Profile: The Child Development Center of the Evangelical Mission Church of Tonoukouti has no potable water source at its premises. Tonoukouti, located in the Zio District of the Republic of Togo is deprived of any reliable source of potable water. This proposal aims at providing TG-621 with a permanent source of potable water, a storage tank to make the sourced water available on time for registered children, their siblings, caregivers/ parents, church members and the community as well.  Hygiene training will also be provided to the caregivers, the workers and volunteers and to the children to help them choose better water hygiene and sanitation practices.

The Zio river  is the only source of water availaible for the majority of the communities in the Zio South cluster At Tonoukouti, Though there are some available uncovered water wells, the river is the common place where many of the inhabitants fetch water to drink and for use in their houses such as washing their clothing and bathing. Such water is very likely to be filled with microbes, worms and bacteria which often are the source of water boren and water related diseases such as dysentery, diarrhea, cholera, typhoid fever, urinary infections, goiter, draconculose of which the children of the village and registered children suffer the most.

A total number of 228 registered children and, 236 caregivers, projects workers and church community members’ will be the direct beneficiaries of this intervention.

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