2019: KE248, Kenya (Africa)

$92,984.30: Funded Dec 24, 2019, Completed Fall 2020.

Addressing Critical Water and Hygiene Needs 

In 2018, Compassion Kenya surveyed their frontline church partners and learned that 22 percent of the 429 churches were in dire need for potable water access to effectively carry out essential holistic child development. PCEA Boru Haro church where PCEA Boru Haro Child Development center (KE248) operates is one such church partner. With access to improved water, sanitation and hygiene the proven outcome is healthy kids and adults who are better poised to break the cycle of poverty.

Currently, on program activity days at the center, 159 gallons of water are typically consumed. But since there is no piped water, borehole or well in Boru Haro village, the villagers must travel between four and seven miles to fetch water.

The church has identified a borehole well as a solution to this problem, as it is a reliable source when targeting a large population in areas with erratic rain patterns like this one. If funding is received, they will be able to provide access to a safe water source for the 278 registered children, their caregivers and community members at this frontline church partner through drilling of a borehole and will teach the beneficiaries proper hygiene and sanitation practices to reduce preventable diseases.

Total Need: $92,984.30

Center PCEA Boru Haro Child Development Center

Location Borana, 11 km east of Marsabit, Kenya

Beneficiaries 278 registered children, caregivers and community members

Health Issues Common health problems in this area include malaria and stomach pains.