Make a Donation – Name Your Amount, Starting at $20


Make a tax-deductible donation of your choice to help bring clean drinking water to to children, families, and villages around the world.

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The lack of clean drinking water worldwide kills 5000 children/day and keeps 884 million others in the grip of despair. Solving the water crisis will cost $20 billion–which might sound like alot, but consider the fact that Americans spend approximately 40 billion dollars on Black Friday alone! Wow! Americans have the power to catapult 884 million people out of poverty in one day!

Providing access to clean drinking water is a critical step in breaking the cycle of poverty, ending injustice, and preventing death. Our first well in Tanzania (where we sponsor a girl named Joyce) was completed in May 2012, and our second well in Kenya (where we sponsor a boy named Patrick) will be completed in the Spring of 2013. Your money has power. Spend it making a world of difference. Because the goal is within reach. Because love is a verb. And because YOU are the answer.

100% of your contribution will be used for Compassion International Water Well Projects.

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Donation Amount

1 Child $20, Family of 2 $40, Family of 3 $60, Family of 4 $80, Family of 5 $100, $250.00, $500.00, $1,000.00


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